2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Terms

The College has four academic terms each year: fall semester, Interterm, spring semester, and summer term. Under this calendar of study, students normally take fifteen credits each fall and spring semester. The fall semester typically begins the last week of August and ends immediately before the Christmas vacation. Spring semester typically begins the third week of January and ends the second week of May. Fall and spring semesters consist of 16 weeks of instruction.

In between these two semesters, students return in January for Interterm. Interterm is an intense two-week period when a student focuses on only one course. The purpose of the Interterm is to create a short-term block of time that provides the College with an opportunity for introducing more flexibility into the curriculum. Interterm courses may be applied to general education, major, or minor requirements. Students also have the opportunity during this period for brief off-campus study experiences.

The summer term functions as an integral part of the academic program of Greenville University. In general, the courses offered correspond closely with those offered during the regular semester. As occasion demands, however, additional courses are provided. Likewise, in order to allow students as wide a selection as possible in certain fields, some courses are given on an alternate year basis. Summer courses are taught online which allows students to have the flexibility to study anywhere they have access to the internet over the summer. The summer term begins on the Monday immediately following Commencement and lasts for fifteen weeks. The summer term is divided into two seven and a half week blocks. Students are allowed to take a maximum of two courses or seven credits during each block. Students wishing to receive an exception to this policy must receive permission from the dean of their school. A summer term course listing is published each year identifying the coursework to be offered during each seven and a half week block. Students are also free to propose independent studies in conjunction with faculty members or to pursue internships or practica. Scheduling details for all summer term courses as well as independent studies, etc., are available in the Records Office.