2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

SCWK 222 Human Behavior - Macro Environments

This course is social work will broaden the students' understanding of the human condition in its broader societal context, and will do so by presenting theories and research on human development and behavior. This includes specific emphasis on the following: a) key dimensions of human diversity (e.g. age, class, color, sexual orientation as well as many other areas); b) a life span approach for understanding human growth; c) the biological, social, psychological, and spiritual forces the influence human life at various stages of development; d) issues of social and economic justice; e) the normal developmental tasks and milestones of persons; f) the impact of social and economic forces on the human person; g) the study of optimum approaches to human wellness and thriving; and h) the introducing of a model for evaluating the various theories of human growth and development.




SCWK 220


Spring semester of odd calendar years