2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Dropping or Withdrawing from all Courses

Students wanting to drop or withdraw all the courses from which they are enrolled must, unless they qualify for an administrative withdrawal (see next section), personally drop or withdraw from their courses in writing. Students cannot drop or withdraw simply by informing an instructor of their plans or ceasing to attend class. The procedures for this are described in the earlier sections on “To Drop a Course” and “To Withdraw from a Course.”

Students who act early enough to drop all courses, no courses for that term will be recorded on the student’s transcript. If the student acts after the end of the drop period but before the end of the withdrawal period all courses will be recorded on the transcript with a grade of W. Students leaving school after the withdraw date but before the end of the term will receive the grades for the courses in which they were enrolled as the instructor deems appropriate; grades of W will not be automatically awarded.

Any student receiving financial aid that drops or withdrawals from all courses will have obligations to the government and/or lenders even if they attended only a single day of the term. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information. See also the Catalog section entitled “Student Charges and Payment Information.”

Students withdrawing from all courses must complete an Exit Interview in the Student Success Office before they leave