2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Justice Ministry Certificate

The Justice Ministry Certificate program trains students in the discipline of pilgrimage and introduces them to faith-rooted organizing, democratic governance, civic engagement, and coalition development. This training strengthens the capacity of faith leaders to transform their local communities by forming faith communities shaped by cross and resurrection. Participants will examine the biblical concept of shalom while rolling across the land, through the moments when shalom was broken and where shadows of shalom were realized on U.S. soil.

The Justice Ministry Certificate aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Shorten the proximity gap between white Christian leaders and Christian leaders of color
  • Immerse Christian leaders in the stories of marginalized communities so that they gain historical context needed to understand current day issues.
  • Decrease explicit and implicit bias in Christian leaders while equipping them to walk their constituencies through similar journeys.
  • Increase capacity of Christian leaders to engage in faith-rooted organizing in their own local contexts.
  • Increase capacity of Christian leaders to engage in and build multi-sector cooperative partnerships, collaborative projects, and coalitions.
  • Increase capacity of Christian leaders to discern the ethical status of current-day policy-making in light of Kingdom ethics and the biblical concept of Shalom.
  • Lay the foundations for Christian leaders to enter the larger movement for justice in the U.S. and global context.

Justice Ministry Certificate Courses

THEO 453 The Gospel and Politics of Race (3 cr)

THEO 454 Immigration, Exploitation, and Kingdom Economics (3 cr)

THEO 4XX Colonization and the Native American Experience: From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock (3 cr)

THEO 4XX Gender and Dominion (3 cr)

THEO 4XX Faith Rooted Organizing (3 cr)

THEO 4XX How to Build a Faith Rooted Network in Your City (3 cr)