2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog


Bastian School of Theology

Professor—Brian Hartley

Associate Professor—Benjamin Wayman

Assistant Professors—Lori Gaffner, Aubrey McClain

To prepare our students for a beautiful, diverse, yet broken world by helping them develop eyes to see and ears to hear the suffering of others, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and character needed to be a part of God’s redemption of all creation, through the grace of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Bastian School of Theology is dedicated to equipping young people for the adventure of ministry and academics. Whether students are pursuing ministry in the Church, university, chaplaincy, para-church organizations, public service of various kinds, or the common ministry to which all disciples are called, the mission of our School is to help our students develop ears to hear the suffering of others and the eyes to see God at work mending this broken world. Such training includes developing the knowledge, skills, habits, imagination, wisdom, and courage to participate in God’s restoration of all creation.

Our School of Theology educates students from a Wesleyan perspective in the Free Methodist tradition. We understand that there are multiple ways of knowing and loving God: through Scripture, experience, reason, and the living witness of the historic Church. As Wesleyans, we are ecumenical and engage interfaith dialogue; we wholeheartedly support women in ministry; and we are committed to social justice, with a preferential option for the poor and outcast.

The coursework in the Bastian School of Theology includes courses in biblical and theological studies, church history, philosophy, and ministry. Bastian School faculty are committed disciples of Jesus Christ who see our work in the Christian academy as an expression of our discipleship to Jesus.

• Thoughtful biblical study and a passionate commitment to follow Jesus
• A compelling commitment to the Church
• Opportunities to learn from a variety of denominational and interfaith dialogue partners
• World-class speakers and guest lecturers
• Life-changing opportunities for study abroad and practical ministry experience
• Faculty with decades of experience in ministry, international travel, and academics