Associate Professor—Gary Erickson

Assistant Professor—Paul Sunderland (Department Chair)

Instructors—Ryan Coleman, Grace Denton

Many music courses and activities are open to all students as an opportunity to broaden their cultural interests in the field of music, as well as provide the necessary study for the music student. Students may enhance their aesthetic sensitivity by participating in music activities and will develop a discriminating taste for a wide variety of music. Prospective music majors are strongly advised to begin the study of music before entering college.

Music ensembles provide exposure to music literature and opportunities for musical expression, and are open to qualified students from the entire campus. The Greenville University Choir (A Cappella Choir) tours annually to national and international destinations. Additional ensembles include Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Singers, Chorale, Gospel Choir, Concert Band, Fusion Ensemble, Jazz Band, Lab Bands, Pep Band, Rock Ensemble, and Worship Arts Ensembles.  All members of the University and community are invited to participate annually in the Greenville University Union which regularly performs larger choral works including Handel’s “Messiah.” An audition is required for entrance into most ensembles.

Applied Music

Any student at Greenville University may enroll in applied music lessons. Applied music lessons are small group or private lessons that help students increase competency in voice or particular instruments. If studio space is limited, priority is given to music majors and music minors enrolling in their primary instrument. All music majors and music minors must choose a principal instrument upon entering the music program. Initial entry level applied lessons may be offered in either a class or individual format. After the first year, all applied lessons are taught on an individual basis. Depending upon a student’s chosen degree plan, students are expected to complete 4-8 hours of applied lessons on their primary instrument. This is the instrument upon which students will perform their senior recital. Students majoring in Worship Arts are expected to perform a senior recital. Music Industry Studies majors are required to do a senior project in lieu of a senior recital.

Applied students will either receive a weekly one hour group lesson or a weekly half-hour individual lesson for each credit enrolled. If studio time is available, upper division students are encouraged to enroll for two credit hours per week in preparation for their senior recitals. Once enrolled, it is a student’s responsibility to arrange a weekly lesson time with his or her assigned instructor. All applied students will be assigned an instructor during the first 10 days of the semester and lessons begin as soon as possible. Applied students are expected to adhere to the studio policies of their respective instructors, as stated in their applied lessons syllabi.

Recitals and Concerts

Regular attendance at recitals and concerts as prescribed by the Music Department Policy and Procedures Handbook is required of all music majors and minors. Students must enroll in MUSG 100 Recital Class every semester they are on campus as a music major. Music minors must be scheduled for MUSG 100 Recital Class for four consecutive semesters. Music majors must attend a minimum of 12 recitals/concerts per semester and music minors must attend at least nine recitals/concerts per semester to satisfy this requirement.

Recital repertoire must be approved by the student’s applied instructor. After the first semester of college study, all music majors taking applied music are expected to appear in one student recital per semester.

Choral Union and Chamber Orchestra

All students are encouraged to participate in the Greenville University Choral Union and/or Chamber Orchestra. This combined University and community ensemble annually performs Handel’s Messiah and other major works.

Professional Organizations

Music majors are encouraged to join the student chapters of their professional organizations. A list of these organizations can be found in the Music Department Policy and Procedures Handbook.

Placement Exams

All incoming freshmen and transfer students will be given a placement exam for music theory, applied music lessons, and keyboard studies. Students transferring to the Greenville University Music Department will be expected to demonstrate competencies in these areas. If unable to demonstrate competencies, students will be required to complete additional semesters of study.