2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts

The mathematics major leads to a bachelor of arts degree and requires 33 credits of mathematics and computer and information systems courses.

Mathematics Major Requirements

Core Courses

CIST 210Programming and Data Structures I


MATH 115Calculus I


MATH 116Calculus II


MATH 217Multivariable Calculus


MATH 218Differential Equations


MATH 312Linear Algebra


MATH 12 credits of mathematics courses (9 must be upper division)


CIST 210, MATH 115, and MATH 116 may be met through AP credit or proficiency test.

In addition to the major requirements listed above, students will need to complete a general education curriculum and elective courses to earn 120 credits which is mandatory for earning a Greenville University degree.  Details about the general education curriculum can be found in the Academic Information section of this catalog.  Some general education requirements are met through required major courses which reduces the number of required general education credits.  Students should work closely with their advisor to put together an academic plan to make sure all degree requirements are met in a timely manner.

The outcomes for this program can be found on the Greenville University Institutional Assessment webpage.