2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Spanish, Bachelor of Arts

Seeking to encourage understanding and appreciation of other peoples and cultures, the Language and Culture Department makes available elementary and intermediate courses designed to give students skill in communication in the foreign language. Advanced courses improve language ability as well as offer an appreciation of literary masterpieces and cultural backgrounds.

When combined with other programs of study, graduates in Spanish find careers in teaching foreign languages, teaching English as a second language, and in bilingual education; others find their language ability useful in social service organizations, church work, missionary service, government service, business, and library science.

The Spanish major requires 36 credits, 30 credits beyond Spanish SPAN 102, and leads to a bachelor of arts degree. The 36 credits must include one semester abroad. Coursework also needs to include at least two 300-level courses, one in literature and one in culture. One of the 300-level courses must be related to Spain and the other must be related to Latin America. All courses must have the prefix SPAN.

In addition to the major requirements listed above, students will need to complete a general education curriculum and elective courses to earn 120 credits which is mandatory for earning a Greenville University degree.  Details about the general education curriculum can be found in the Academic Information section of this catalog.  Some general education requirements are met through required major courses which reduces the number of required general education credits.  Students should work closely with their advisor to put together an academic plan to make sure all degree requirements are met in a timely manner.

The outcomes for this program can be found on the Greenville University Institutional Assessment webpage.