2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Interdisciplinary scholarship encourages students to view the world holistically by integrating tools from a number of disciplines to inform their approach to a particular interest, problem, or question.
Students may choose Interdisciplinary Studies as a major because:
  • His/her intellectual curiosity cannot be contained by focus on one or two particular academic majors.
  • He/she has a particular graduate school or career goal that any single or double GU major doesn't wholly support.
  • It allows students to design a major that does not currently exist.

Admissions Requirements

  • Students must apply as soon as they have earned 30 credits.
  • Students must have a 3.0 GPA to apply.
  • Students must submit an Interdisciplinary Studies Major proposal which includes these elements:
  • provides a title for their program of study,
  • outlines the intended departments from which they will take classes with an explanation for why these departments are included, and
  • explains their desire to construct an Interdisciplinary Studies Major.
  • Students, in consultation with the Interdisciplinary Studies Program Director, will convene a committee from the proposed departments with whom he or she will meet to answer questions and confirm intentions.
  • The Interdisciplinary Studies Program Director, in consultation with the committee, will confirm or deny acceptance.
  • The Interdisciplinary Studies Program Director will oversee the student's coordination with the Records Office and serve as the student's advisor.

Curriculum Requirements

  • Complete the General Education program as listed in the GU catalog.  If any of the three majors selected leads to a bachelor of arts degree, students must complete the requirements for a B.A.
  • Complete at least 15 credit hours in each of three university departments.  (Some of the courses can also fulfill general education requirements.)
  • Complete at least 9 upper division credits in two of the selected departments and at least 6 upper division credits in the third (cannot include internship/practicum credits)
  • Complete a 3 credit hour interdisciplinary internship.
  • Develop an 6 credit interdisciplinary project that grows from the student's original desire to do the Interdisciplinary Studies Major.  The project will be determined in consultation with the student's original Interdisciplinary Major committee and will be directed by the Interdisciplinary Major Program Director.