Associate Professor—Alexandria LaFaye

Assistant Professor—Zachary Marshall

A full course of study in English enables students to interpret and synthesize complex information, communicate with competence and creativity, and employ versatile research and problem-solving skills. Thus, the English major has always served as a foundational liberal arts degree that offers exceptional pre-professional training for a wide variety of vocations. Graduates from Greenville’s English program have excelled in careers such as writing, editing, journalism, film and television production, civil service, teaching, library science, ministry, law, public relations, and business.

Advanced courses in literature emphasize not only the acquisition of an integrated fund of knowledge about English, American, Continental, and non-western literature, but also an understanding of the various critical approaches to literary texts and authors. In particular, these courses engage and explore the relationship between literature and the Christian faith.

Students preparing for careers in higher education will supplement these courses in literary history and analysis with courses that explore the linguistic, rhetorical, and historical dimensions of the English language.

Students anticipating careers in writing, editing, and the media are encouraged to construct a sequence of journalism and creative writing courses that culminates in an internship experience in writing (ENGL 405). The internship offers practical experience in the marketplace, and the writer’s workshop cultivates a portfolio of the student’s best compositions and publications.

Students interested in working or living overseas are encouraged to consider studying the Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate program offered by Greenville University. If English majors, the courses will count toward the major; if non-English majors, the courses will lead to an English minor.

In order to provide students with opportunities to develop their writing, communication, management, and creative skills, the Department sponsors two student publications— the Papyrus, the online weekly campus newspaper, and the Vista, the campus student magazine. Scriblerus, a cadre of creative writers selected through an anonymous competition, has been active on the campus for over 60 years.