2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Off-Campus Study Programs

Charges for off-campus study vary according to program. Students enrolling in programs sponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities programs will be charged the greater of GU’s tuition, room and board or the program’s tuition, room, board, and fees. For all other programs approved by GU, students will be charged the program’s tuition, room, board, and fees plus a $500 processing fee that allows the student to receive credit through Greenville University. Students receiving credit through GU for off-campus study will be billed by the University, which will forward the funds to the relevant program.

Students receiving credit through Greenville University while enrolled in an off-campus program may be eligible to receive state and federal financial aid. No Greenville University funds are available for off-campus study programs. Students should seek information and assistance about receiving state and federal aid for off-campus study from the Financial Aid Office very early in their planning stages. Students should not commit to enroll in off-campus programs until financial aid arrangements are confirmed.

In order for students to be eligible to receive state and federal aid and receive transfer credit for courses, they must comply with specific application deadlines.

Students attending Greenville University under tuition exchange or remission agreements will not be allowed to apply institutional aid to off-campus programs.