2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center exists for the sole purpose of helping students succeed at the university. The office is located in on the main floor of the Ruby E. Dare Library. This office helps students (1) navigate the various offices and systems on campus, (2) find the campus resources they need, and (3) set effective goals. Students who are frustrated in their efforts to get help with various college related problems or who find themselves in academic difficulty should seek out the Dean of Student Development at 618-664-7115.

The Student Success Center offers academic support services to all students on the Greenville University campus. The services are based on the premise that all students benefit from some type of academic support and that those students who are successful in college are those who have learned to take charge of their own learning and utilize available resources to attain their academic goals. The purpose of the Student Success Center is to supplement the classroom experience and to serve as a resource to both student and faculty by offering the following:

  • Peer Tutoring for General Education Courses
  • Writing Lab Tutors
  • Academic Counseling
  • Study Skills
  • Accountability
  • Limited Services for Students with Disabilities