2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Other Affiliated Programs

AuSable Institute of Environmental Studies

AuSable Institute of Environmental Studies has four locations including Great lakes, Pacific Rim, India, and Costa Rica, and is designed to support Greenville University and other cooperating evangelical Christian colleges in courses which focus on Christian stewardship of natural resources. The Institute offers fellowships, scholarships, and travel grants to students; opportunities for service, research, and teaching for faculty; and opportunities to discuss and debate major environmental issues of concern to Christians.  Students interested in studying at one of AuSable Institute's sites should go to www.ausable.org for a current list of courses.

Daystar University - Kenya

Through the Christian College Consortium and Messiah College, students from Greenville University may join over 300 African students who study at Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya. Students select courses from a number of areas including communications, business administration and management, education, Bible, history, literature, and African culture. All courses are offered in English. Supplemental learning is gained through excursions to museums, art galleries, and various communities around Nairobi. Students live with African students or families and eat in the College dining room. The cost for tuition, room and board, and travel is the same as that charged for tuition and room and board on the Greenville College campus.

Chicago Semester

Chicago Semester's 16-week program delivers a custom-tailored Chicago experience designed to help students prepare for their chosen career – and life after college. We work closely and collaboratively with students to place them in a full-time internship that matches your interests. Plus, students will take a professional seminar and up to two courses for academic credit, depending on the track you select.  Tracks available include:

  • Art, Design, and Theatre
  • Business, Finance, and Accounting
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Student Teaching
  • Nursing
  • Social Work
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Health and Applied Sciences

Students interested in completing their practicum or internship in Chicago should visit www.chicagosemester.org for more information.

Go-ED – Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry’ s Go-ED semester long program is designed to strategically integrate spiritual formation, servant leadership and academic study for undergraduate students. Go-ED academic programs are designed intentionally with the purpose of creating God’s heart for the poor within students and equipping them with the critical thinking, practical skills, and broad exposure necessary to become agents of change. Students learn about language, history, and culture through lectures, field trips, field work, and a two week “home-stay” with a native family. Greenville University students may select to study in one of five African countries, in the Mekong region, or in the Andes.

Many off-campus study programs are available to Greenville University students including those offered by other members of the Christian College Consortium. Students wishing to study off-campus in a program not listed in the Greenville University Catalog should seek approval from their department chair and the registrar.