2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Policy for Double Majoring

Students may have multiple majors appear on their transcript when the two majors are from different departments and/or schools, or the student has earned at least 15 credits of coursework unique to the major. Up to six of those 15 credits may be earned in a practicum that is demonstrably relevant to a particular major.

Students with two majors with different degree requirements may choose which degree they wish to earn. For instance, a student wanting to major in marketing (B.S.) and Spanish (B.A.) may choose to graduate with either a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree as long as the specific degree requirements have been met.

Some major combinations are not possible because there isn’t sufficient coursework unique between the majors. For example, a student wanting a double major in biology and environmental biology isn’t possible because of the considerable overlap in requirements between the majors.