2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Written Communication

Written Communication

Written Communication

The ENGL 105 Writing and Critical Inquiry requirement teaches students to communicate ideas effectively for different purposes.  Students will learn to access appropriate and relevant information necessary to understand real problems.  Further, students will learn to be critically aware of their culture, technology, and identity.  Based on these understandings, students will gain the proficiency to create ideas effectively for different purposes.
Students arriving to Greenville University with an A.A. or A.S. degree are exempt from these requirements.
ENGL 105Writing and Critical Inquiry


Total Credit Hours:3
Students may transfer to GU courses that will fulfill the Written Communication requirement. 
Community Colleges (and some baccalaureate institutions) generally require a two semester writing course sequence.  Both courses are needed to meet GU's writing requirement.  The first course in the sequence will be accepted as elective credit even if the second course was not completed.  A written research paper must be a course requirement.  If two writing courses are required, both courses are still required even if the research paper is part of the first course.

English Proficiency

All first time freshmen must demonstrate proficiency in high school English in order to enroll in ENGL 105 Writing and Critical Inquiry, a graduation requirement. Students may demonstrate proficiency by:

  1. Scoring above the 30th percentile on the English portion of the ACT or SAT, or
  2. Completing ENGL 100 (College Writing Strategies) with a grade of C or better or
  3. Completing a course deemed equivalent to ENGL 100 at another institution and transferring the credits to Greenville University

Credits earned for successfully completing ENGL 100 count toward graduation credits.