2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Physical Health and Wellness

Physical Health and Wellness

Physical Health and Wellness

All students, except those who have earned an A.A. or A.S., must complete a wellness and fitness course.

PHED 101Wellness: Basic Concepts


PHED 102Wellness: Physical Fitness



PHED 103Wellness: Health and Fitness


Total Credit Hours:3
PHED 101 and PHED 102 will be replaced with a single combined course, PHED 103, beginning in the fall of 2021.  Students who do not complete PHED 101 and PHED 102 by the end of the summer 2021 term will be required to take PHED 103.
Students desiring to transfer in a course to fulfill the physical health and wellness requirement may do so as long as the course meets the following requirements:

1. The course must be a health-related course covering nutrition, disease, and fitness.

2. The course must require students to create and execute a personal training program.