2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

General Education

An Orientation to Greenville University's Liberal Arts Focus

Greenville University provides education focused on the liberal arts and sciences. Because of this, students must complete not only a major, but also a general education curriculum. These are not courses the faculty added as afterthoughts. These courses are seminal in Greenville University’s efforts to educate students who can live lives of character and service. This liberating learning will introduce students to transformative ideas, skills, and values that they can embrace for life-long learning. Required courses expose students to multiple views and perspectives to enable them to respond with maturity to the complexities of the contemporary world and its cultural, religious, and ideological diversity.

The general education curriculum was selected because Greenville University views these to be fundamental to the Christian liberal arts focus. The content of these courses compels students to think about ideas from interdisciplinary perspectives. The courses are designed to help students develop essential skills that are attributes of all well-educated people such as critical thinking and communication skills. They also provide students with introductions to the humanities, the natural sciences, the social sciences, and physical fitness which are designed to give students knowledge of and respect for the wholeness of God’s creation and human efforts to understand that creation.

Greenville University’s General Education program reflects the institution’s belief in holistic education that builds Christian character, expands the mind to consider broad perspectives, develops awareness of a global community and beckons students to consider questions critically, creatively and through a Christian lens.