2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Cooperative Education

Cooperative education programs (co-ops) are designed to integrate academic learning with work experience. A co-op is an experiential learning opportunity appropriate for students who want to explore their career interests. Full time students who have earned 28 or more credit hours and have a minimum GPA of 2.0 are eligible to enroll. Students may choose to work part or full time during the academic year or summer.

The Career Services and Calling Development Office coordinates all co-ops. The Coordinator for Career Services and Calling Development can help advise students on effective co-ops and help them find suitable placements. The Career Services and Calling Development Office also coordinates the Illinois Board of Higher Education Cooperative Education Program Grant which helps to fund co-ops for Illinois resident students working in Illinois. The Coordinator can be reached at 618-664-6613.

Students must register for at least two credits per co-op experience, and may earn a maximum of 12 co-op credits during their college career. Students must enroll in either the internship/practicum course for their respective academic program (such as BUSN 405, COMM 395/COMM 405, PSYC 405, etc.) or GRNL 298 Cooperative Education, administered by the Career and Calling Development Office. Internship or practica credit must be approved by the appropriate department. Departmental requirements vary; see the Practicum/Internship statement under “Undergraduate Course Listings”.