Our mission is clear: Greenville University empowers students for lives of character and service through a transforming Christ-centered education in the liberating arts, science and professional studies.

This mission makes Greenville University a vital place where students learn and grow. We are a Christian community committed to challenging and nurturing students. The University is dedicated to excellence in higher education grounded in both the liberal arts tradition and a Wesleyan heritage. We provide an education characterized by open inquiry into all creation, and are guided by the authority of Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience. Faculty and administrators adhere to and are motivated by a Christian worldview. Faculty and students are encouraged to study the issues and ideas of the present and the past, and in so doing seek to promote a more humane and just future for all people.

This calling is continued in the University vision that states:

Greenville University believes that God created each of our students to uniquely shape the world!

Therefore, we

  • Offer a transformational Christ-centered educational experience that empowers, enriches, and endures;

  • Focus on the development of the whole person so that each student thrives spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, relationally, and physically;

  • Inspire our students to embrace God’s Call; and,

  • Give our work as worship and welcome the presence of the risen Christ to fill us, equip us, and send us.

This is Greenville University, and we invite you to join our community.

A Greenville University education is marked by quality, innovation, and spiritual depth. The University seeks to relate this education to the needs of students entering a dynamic, changing society. To enable students to thrive in a complex world and address societal need, students develop knowledge and skills across a variety of domains, become empowered to critically relate what they are learning with their Christian faith, and apply theoretical knowledge to real world problems.

In the pages that follow, Greenville University invites you to examine its rich legacy and contemporary relevance. It is a fully accredited co-educational university which holds to a unique conception of liberal arts education, one that combines a philosophy rooted in the Christian faith with a rigorous but balanced academic program. The University offers a unique setting where students think about central questions of faith and life in a Christ-centered, supportive community.