Worship Opportunities

Chapel is the cornerstone of the Spiritual Formation program at Greenville University. A place of corporate worship, prayer, education, and growth, Chapel exists to encourage the formation of Christian community and to foster the development of a vibrant, life-changing relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for each individual within the community. As the whole community gathers together, the distinctively Christian atmosphere of the chapel program is designed to help us live out our Christian faith in all settings and circumstances of life, strengthen our community ties, allow people the opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through confession of sin and profession of faith, and learn to integrate important social, moral, intellectual and political issues in a Christian faith and learning context. The chapel program is shaped by the Dean of the Chapel who is also an Assistant Professor of Religion.

Vespers, meeting on Thursday evenings at 9:30, is a student-led time of worship. Vespers often consists of music, testimonies, Scripture readings, and preaching by our music and ministry majors, as well as other students. Vespers provides an opportunity for students to actively engage in leadership of an important corporate worship time on campus.

Churches in the community warmly welcome Greenville students to their services. The University and the local Free Methodist congregations enjoy a close cooperative relationship, while other community churches also serve faculty and students from the University community. Whatever their denominational preference, students are welcomed and strongly encouraged to become involved in one of the local churches.

Through the Student Ministries of Greenville University, students share God’s love for the world. Students give of their time, talents, and energies voluntarily through ministries ranging from church services to community functions, and from nursing homes to children's meetings. The University supports Student Ministries by providing guidance, training, scheduling, and transportation. Students are encouraged to participate through music, teaching, and visitation.