2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

EDUC 482 Student Teaching Seminar

The seminar addresses professional topics within the field of education. In addition, the seminar provides an opportunity for teacher candidates to focus on the required performance assessment. The performance assessment, aligned with state standards, is an authentic assessment tool that shows how teacher candidates develop and evaluate student learning. The centerpiece is a portfolio that describes and documents authentic practices from the candidate’s teaching experience. The portfolio addresses planning, instruction, assessment, analyzing teaching, and academic language to reveal the impact of a candidate’s teaching performance on student learning. As a capstone seminar, the course requires students reflect mastery of self-reflection and critical self-awareness, collaboration across disciplines, communication in multiple modes with multiple audiences, and reflection on how Christian faith impacts and guides their daily work. The seminar topics and tasks guide and support the candidate’s progress in the teaching profession.




Every semester


Meets the general education senior seminar requirement.