2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

THEO 453 The Gospel and Politics of Race

In this intensive course, students at various levels of study will pilgrimage through the story of the confinement and control of people of African descent on U.S. Soil from Slavery through Jim Crow, Lynching, and Peonage, to Mass Incarceration and Police Brutality. They will also investigate the development of the political construct of whiteness. This course is designed to engage multiple learning-styles with special emphasis on experiential learning. Students will examine the biblical concept of shalom while rolling across the land and through the moments when shalom was broken and where shadows of shalom were realized on U.S. soil. The course is appropriate for students of pastoral ministry, theology, ethics, and social work. It is also a great opportunity for continuing education for pastors, justice ministers, leaders of non-profits, justice advocates, and social workers. This course will lay the foundations for Christian leaders to enter the larger movement for justice in the U.S. and global context by connecting them with leading organizations and leaders.




Meets the general education global foundations requirement.