PATH 81 Pathways Enhancement Level

Students who complete the Enhancement Level will be able to meet the following objectives:

• Show they grasp more complex reading articles and essays by answering comprehension questions correctly.
• Read and analyze longer and conceptually complicated articles and essays from a variety of sources: professional and scholarly journals, professional magazines, reports, surveys, and news magazines, among others.
• Differentiate between literal and figurative language.
• Comprehend common slang, idioms and proverbs in readings and speech.
• Learn to support personal opinions with examples from the text.
• Give their opinions about topics and debate issues.
• Identify an author’s point of view.

• Write well developed sentences and paragraphs using correct grammar including subject/verb agreement, correct pronoun use (gender pronouns specifically), possessives, and appropriate verb tenses with at least an 80% accuracy.
• Write different types of academic papers such as synthesis papers; summaries; compare and contrast papers; cause and effect papers; response papers; opinion essays, etc.
• Write short research papers with citations and bibliographies using MLA Style.

Listening and Note-taking
• Begin to understand different lecture patterns.
• Learn note-taking symbols and abbreviations that make note-taking easier and quicker.
• Listen to recorded presentations and lectures and take appropriate notes by identifying key concepts and ideas.
• Learn different types of note-taking strategies such as bullet points, outlining, graphic note-taking, etc.

Basic Speech Communication:
• Give short oral presentations on a given subject.
• Use various forms of visual aids in giving oral presentations
• Approximate native-like pronunciation, phrasing, clustering and reduction of sounds

Conversation Through Film, Cultural Conversations & Field Experience (both levels)
• Develop conversation comprehension skills such as identifying the meaning of nonverbal communication, being able to express their opinions on various topics and issues and be willing to asking questions to clarify ideas or obtain new information.
• Gain familiarity with the St. Louis area
• Deepen cultural understanding of life in the United States.
• Identify main values of American culture.
• Develop an awareness of the contributions of the different racial, ethnic, and immigrant groups who helped establish the United States.
o Visit to Cahokia Mounds will help them see the influence of a native-American community.
o Visit to the Arch Museum will help them understand the western movement of American explorers.
o Visit to the History Museum at Forest Park will help them understand important historical periods in the history of St. Louis and the US.