PATH 80 Pathways Preparatory Level

Students who complete this Preparatory Level will be able to meet the following objectives:

• Use important reading techniques such as activating prior knowledge and making predictions.
• Identify topic sentences and find supporting details in a reading selection.
• Correctly answer simple comprehension questions about a reading selection.
• Increase their vocabulary through exercises and by keeping a vocabulary log.
• Summarize a reading selection.
• Distinguish between facts and opinion statements
• Identify the author’s purpose in a reading selection.

• Write sentences using correct grammar including subject/verb agreement, correct pronoun use (gender pronouns specifically), possessives, and appropriate verb tenses.
• Use the vocabulary they are learning in simple sentences.
• Write well-developed paragraphs of at least 5 sentences with appropriate topic sentence and support.
• Use transition words and phrases in order to develop coherence and unity.
• Write different types of essays: descriptive, persuasive, comparison/contrast, etc.

• Show they comprehend simple English conversations and presentations by answering questions about them with 80% accuracy.
• Respond appropriately to different conversation situations—asking for clarification, asking for directions, etc.
• Listen and comprehend simple conversations, reports, interviews, announcements by answering basic questions about any of these

• Participate and be able to make “small talk.”
• Correctly answer questions posed to them.
• Express ideas, defend ideas, and participate in short conversations (among them interviews).
• Correctly formulate yes-no and information questions.
• Approximate the sounds and intonation patterns of American English.