Using the Catalog

The Catalog is divided into two major sections. The first includes an introduction to Greenville University. This introduction details our purpose, educational and theological foundations, and other information helpful for anyone wanting to learn about our orientation to education.

The second section gives details on the Undergraduate Programs. The traditional program is a four-year undergraduate program in which students can seek to major in more than 50 academic disciplines. Also included is information on Greenville University’s three Non-Traditional Undergraduate Programs. The University offers five undergraduate degree completion programs for adults who have completed at least two years of college. All students who complete the requirements of the adult degree completion program earn a bachelor’s degree. In 2005, the University began offering an Off-Campus Undergraduate Teacher Education Program (UTEP) through Kaskaskia College, Lewis & Clark Community Colleges, Southwestern Illinois College, Lincoln Land Community College, Lake Land Community College, and Lincoln Christian University. Students earn their associates degree at their community college then “transfer” to Greenville University to earn their bachelor of science degree (in elementary education) while still taking classes at their community college or university location.

The University also offers graduate programs. Information on the graduate programs can be found in Greenville University’s Graduate Catalog.