2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program is contingent upon:
1. Admission to the University
2. Successful completion of a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree from an accredited institution;

3. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended reflecting a minimum grade point average of 3.0 from at least one degree granting institution;

4. Passing scores on all areas of the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP). In lieu of the TAP test, the ACT plus Writing and SAT test results may be used. See the Guide to Teacher Education for details.

5. Receipt of completed admissions checklist;

6. A grade of “C” or higher in all coursework required for licensure including transfer credit

7. A favorable fingerprint criminal background check (IL State Police using the ORI Number and Purpose Code provided by Greenville University) (note: drug screening may be required for field experience); and

8. Approval by the COTE.
Graduate students must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 (B) or higher.

Types of Admission

    Transfer Credit

    Students may apply to transfer or substitute a maximum of six credits into the Master of Arts in Teaching program from other institutions or Greenville University programs for EDUC 540 Students with Exceptionalities, EDUC 542 Diversity and Schools, and/or EDUC 562 Educational Psychology Application. (All courses must have field experience hours verified.)  All transfer courses must have been completed prior to beginning the program.

    1. Earned at least a B in the course
    2. The course was completed at an accredited institution
    3. The course corresponds to the specific course under consideration in content and minimum credits,
    4. Credit hours must be, at the minimum, equal to the Greenville University course,
    5. Undergraduate Greenville credits are counted as transfer and subject to the limit, and
    6. Was completed within the past five years.

    All students will be required to do field experience hours for all classes that are transferred in from another institution if no documentation exists supporting field experience in the class or if the documentation does not specifically match Greenville University's field experience requirements. These field experiences will require an additional fee. The required number of field hours for each course must be met thus, those transferring in field hours may be required to complete additional hours to meet the required field hours for a course.

    All transfer credit is subject to licensure officer approval.  Course descriptions and/or syllabi may be required.




    Degree Requirements

    The Master of Arts in Teaching program consists of a 60 semester hour program. Students completing the Master of Arts in Teaching majors must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 to remain in the program.

    Programs leading to licensure must be completed within seven years of matriculation. If more time lapses, the student may need to repeat or take additional courses to meet state standards.

    Elementary Education

    EDUC 500Graduate Education Orientation


    EDUC 501Issues in Education


    EDUC 505Early Professional Experience


    EDUC 516Teaching Elementary Reading


    EDUC 520Elementary Corrective Reading


    EDUC 522Teaching Elementary Art and Music


    EDUC 524Teaching Elementary Social Studies


    EDUC 525Teaching Elementary Language Arts


    EDUC 540Students with Exceptionalities


    EDUC 542Diversity & Schools


    EDUC 546Student Teaching-Elementary


    EDUC 548The Learning Environment


    EDUC 550Educational Measurement and Evaluation


    EDUC 555Teaching Elementary Mathematics


    EDUC 557Teaching Elementar Science


    EDUC 562Education Psychology Application


    EDUC 581Clinical Practice Elementary


    EDUC 582Student Teaching Seminar


    MATH 145Algebra and Statistics


    PHED 556Adapted Physical Education


    MATH 145 Algebra and Statistics may be completed as part of an undergraduate program.