2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Graduate Student Assistant - Athletics

  • Anyone wishing to receive a graduate assistantship must apply, receive at least provisional acceptance, and enroll in any of the Greenville University graduate programs before being eligible to be hired as graduate assistants (GAs).
  • GAs receive full tuition waiver, as well as a stipend, room, and board. Tuition, room, board, and stipend are subject to applicable taxes.
  • The tuition waiver covers the tuition charges in any of the graduate programs offered by Greenville University and in up to two undergraduate courses through Greenville University in both the fall and spring terms. Enrollment in any undergraduate course can occur if the GA’s supervisor and graduate advisor approve and his or her total course load for a term does not exceed 12 credits. GAs enrolling in undergraduate independent studies, undergraduate practica or internships, Interterm, or summer term courses will be charged regular tuition.
  • Students may maintain graduate assistantships only as long as they are graduate students in GU programs and are making satisfactory progress in those programs.
  • GAs are classified as graduate students, not employees of GU.
  • GAs should not ordinarily have other employment. They are not eligible to work at any other job on-campus while performing their assistantship duties (usually ten months, August through May). These dates are outlined in the letter they receive from the payroll department.
  • GAs can be dismissed from a graduate program and/or assistantship in which they are candidates if they do not meet the standards of the program as described in the respective graduate school handbook.
  • Graduate assistants have the right to appeal decisions affecting their work in the graduate program. Graduate assistants should consult the appeals procedure outlined in their respective graduate school handbook.