2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5909 RAMPing for Counselors

The American School Counseling Association (ASCA) developed its national model to unify the school counseling profession and to support counselors’ ability to advocate for the academic, career, and social–emotional development of all students. To accomplish this lofty goal, professional school counselors have been charged with developing and adhering to a comprehensive curriculum that is tailored to the needs of their specific school. The RAMP (Recognized ASCA Model Program) process is a structured means of certifying a school’s adherence to the ASCA model. Throughout the RAMP process, counselors use data to inform instruction and design a program that demonstrates counselors’ value to the educational environment by conclusively showing how students are different as a result of their efforts.

Whether you are just beginning to prepare to RAMP, are working on your RAMP application, or are re-RAMPing, this course will provide both a rationale for the process and step-by-step instructions for developing each part of your application. While the course is not intended to replace the ASCA’s guidelines and resources, it will help counselors take a step forward in the process of aligning their program with ASCA’s guidelines.