2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5816 Maintaining Your Passion for Teaching

Becoming a teacher arises from inspiration. This course encourages teachers to answer the questions: What inspired you to become a teacher? Was it a desire for a meaningful vocation that would allow you to make your community a better place? Was it an inspiration by teachers of the past? Was it a desire to share a love of learning and fostering that joy of discovery in others? Whatever a teacher's reasons for choosing to teach as a profession, something ignited that fire within and kindled the drive and courage to pursue that dream and ultimately, making it a reality. The path to becoming a master teacher, however, is filled with challenges that can seem to be roadblocks towards those dreams. How do successful teachers keep that fire burning within them? What traits do they share that push them to sustain a high level of effectiveness? Whether you are a seasoned teacher who has seen it all, or a new teacher working to establish a teaching practice, it is essential to hold close to those ideals that sparked your inspiration, even amidst all the distractions that are an inevitable part of the daily life of a teacher. In this course, you will learn to move beyond the survival mode and how to maintain the passion throughout your teaching career.