2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5740 The Abused Child: You Can Help

Child abuse is one of the most insidious problems facing society today. Not just because of the pain and suffering inflicted on victims, but due to the fact that it so often occurs "behind closed doors." It is estimated that for all of the abuse and neglect cases reported each year, there are nine to ten times more that go unreported. Abused children are more likely to suffer from poor school performance, mental illness, substance abuse, physical altercations, gang involvement, and incarceration.

This course will help teachers demystify and better understand child abuse and neglect. Teachers will learn about different kinds of child abuse and neglect, how to recognize the signs and the causes of abuse, legal reporting obligations, and prevention, intervention, and treatment strategies for abused or at-risk youth. After finishing the course, teachers will be equipped with a set of strategies for how to open the doors to create a safe, trusting environment where abuse can be identified, addressed, and eradicated in their school.