2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5702 Instruction for Gifted Students

Differentiating curriculum and instruction for the diverse learning styles and proficiency levels of students within a single class is an important skill that all teachers must understand and be able to do. In classrooms with gifted students, it is especially important for the teacher to understand how to create learning experiences and assignments that provide choice and challenge with opportunities for deeper and more complex levels of learning. Not only should teachers be able to use specific differentiation strategies, but they should also be able to think reflectively about their instructional units in a way that promotes appropriate challenge for all levels of students in the classroom. The outcome will be more engaged students who value learning and growth.

This course will address the needs of gifted learners and the process of creating a Differentiated Learning Plan, from academic standards, goal-setting, and pre-assessment, all the way through to the instructional plan, assignment creation, and summative assessment. Participants will create a Differentiated Learning Plan that accounts for student learning preferences, interests, and readiness levels, and includes flexible grouping practices, tiered assignments, and student choice of content, process, and product. The participant will also develop a deeper understanding of how to manage a differentiated classroom and foster student responsibility and independence. By the end of the course, the participant will be able to modify instruction, assignments, and assessments through thoughtful planning and a deeper understanding of the “big picture” of unit design with a focus on the gifted learner.