2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5701 Teach Students of Military Families

Students from military families may be found in schools around the country, not only in schools near military bases. Many students have parents in the National Guard or Reserves, in addition to those students who may be living near extended family while a parent is deployed. These students face stresses that are not understood by the majority of nonmilitary people, and stresses that are different from those experienced by other student populations. While managing these stressors, the students also must manage the typical student concerns, in addition to possibly dealing with the deployment of a parent into a combat zone, multiple moves between homes and schools during the K–12 years, and the possible injury or death of a parent. While the students may have stresses from this lifestyle, they also can develop incredible strengths. This course provides insights into the military culture, lifestyle, stresses, and strengths of students from military families. You will gain knowledge and skills to understand and support this group of students so they can achieve their potential while in your classroom. In the course, you will also learn practices to support all of your students when one experiences death or loss of a family member. The course will familiarize you with resources both in your local area and nationwide that support military families and students.