2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5652 Students with Low Functioning Autism

The numbers of students with autism is increasing, making it more likely that teachers in both general education classrooms and special education programs will be responsible for students with low-functioning autism. These students have different needs than do students who are considered higher functioning. This course will provide an overview of the strengths, needs, and challenges of students with low-functioning autism, with emphasis on understanding the reasons for a student’s behavior. You will use this knowledge to build communication skills, behavior management interventions, and academic strategies for the student with the end goal of helping the students transition between educational levels into post-high school plans. Common concerns educators have about teaching students with low-functioning autism will be addressed, as well as safety issues for the students. Insights from the parents of students with autism and classmates of students with autism will be explored. As every student with low-functioning autism is a unique individual, emphasis will be placed on developing a toolbox of resources and strategies to be explored and tried with students in order to best meet their needs.