2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5533 Job of the Athletic Director

Throughout the past several decades, the job of the athletic director has developed into a clearly defined administrative role. Managing several coaches, thousands of dollars of equipment, and multiple schedules require a highly qualified and competent individual.

This course clearly defines the role and responsibilities of the athletic director, while providing multiple resources that will help current, future, and perspective athletic directors build effective procedures and protocols for all athletic programs. By providing numerous examples of forms, surveys, and evaluations, this course prepares the athletic director to create a systematic approach to organizing all athletic events, while enhancing their leadership skills. The learner will gain important management skills that support the athletic director when working with coaches, support staff, and athletes. Throughout this course, the athletic director will analyze and enhance his or her current practices to develop an athletic program that provides safe and meaningful athletic opportunities for all students.