2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5531 Coaching the Female Athlete

There is a distinct difference when coaching males or females. This claim could cause debate at face value, but it is necessary for coaches to understand these differences to effectively coach a girls’ team. The rules of a sport may be universal, but the dynamics of how females respond to coaching techniques should determine a coach’s approach to building a successful and healthy team.

This course provides a new model for understanding what makes a champion—one who encompasses characteristics traditionally attributed to both females and males. It gives tools for instilling self-esteem and assertiveness in female athletes. This practical course also provides an outline for how to build a strong girls’ team from selecting players and setting team goals, giving feedback, dealing with wins and losses, and building team chemistry, along with exercises and drills to foster teamwork and develop essential skills. Furthermore, the coach will learn how to foster mental muscle, build confidence, and foster a success mindset in his/her players.