2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5520 Athletic Speed and Agility

There are several factors that make athletes successful in sports; the most common of which are skill and strength. However, there are two areas that are often overlooked: speed and agility because many believe that athletes are born fast and agile and that it cannot be improved by training. However, both of these areas can be enhanced and built upon through specific training programs. While speed and agility training differ depending upon the sport and level, all coaches can benefit from developing a deeper understanding of what speed and agility training looks like for all sports.

This course is designed to introduce coaches to speed and agility programs that will enhance their athletes’ performance in these areas. The coach will also learn how plyometrics, a form of exercise that involves rapid and repeated stretching and contracting of the muscles, can be used to increase their athletes’ speed and agility. Coaches will also develop an understanding of the physical features that allow or prevent athletes from developing speed, and how to overcome these obstacles through specific training, while limiting injuries.