2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5511 Teaching Intermediate Golf

Many people enjoy playing the sport of golf casually, but to take the game to another level, the serious golfer seeks to expand their skills from the basic fundamentals to the fine-tuned techniques and mental control that it takes to become more successful on the golf course. Developing into a skilled golfer requires a refined swing, a consistent short game, and the ability to remain focused and relaxed on the golf course.

This course provides the coach with multiple strategies and exercises to help elevate a golfer’s game from beginner to intermediate. The text and instructional videos presented in this course were developed by professional golfers and coaches, and will allow the golf coach to not only enhance golf instruction, but also improve his or her own game. Furthermore, this course introduces the coach to the mental aspects that drive golfers to become successful on the golf course, so that they can teach specific strategies to control the mental game of golf. By the end of this course, the coach will be able to fine-tune the golfers’ swing while focusing their attention on the mental aspects that allow golfers to be successful.