2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5359 This Amazing Planet Earth

At a time when Earth’s climate is changing, habitats are in danger, and numerous species’ survival is threatened, understanding our planet’s ecosystems is crucial. In this course, the teacher will learn about the majesty – and fragility – of our planet, from the emperor penguins of Antarctica to the migration patterns of African elephants to the tiniest fungi on the rainforest floor.

The teacher will watch the award-winning BBC series Planet Earth, which took five years to film and uses groundbreaking filming techniques to immerse viewers in rarely or never seen parts of our planet. In the course, the teacher will design engaging classroom activities about five of Earth’s major ecosystems. The teacher will also develop strategies for leading thought-provoking class discussions, teach about the connection between human behavior and the state of our planet, and involve students in environmental conservation efforts.