2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5235 Teaching the American Civil War

The American Civil War is arguably the most important event in American history. It challenged the very principles on which the country had been founded just a hundred years earlier, and altered the direction of the nation’s culture, societal structure, and laws. Four million slaves were freed after the war, but the path to abolition and preserving the union was filled with economic and political crises, interstate strife, and debates about the ethics of an institution that dehumanized and enslaved millions of people.

This course will deeply familiarize the teacher with the economic, societal, and political causes of the Civil War, the major battles and events of the war, the most significant people and historical developments from this time period, and the impact of the Civil War on American history. After finishing the course, the teacher will be equipped with actionable strategies for implementing meaningful classroom instruction on the Civil War.