2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5116 Teaching Jazz: History/Appreciation

Many believe that jazz is the most important original American contribution to the world of creative arts. It is deeply intertwined with American history and the artistic, social, and political movements led by African-Americans in the 20th Century. Jazz changed the way the world looked at music, introducing musical techniques never heard before.

This course introduces teachers to the development of jazz music and its various styles, jazz’s historical context, and the leading figures who popularized jazz and made it a worldwide musical treasure. The course will also help teachers and students develop a musical appreciation for jazz by listening to and analyzing original performance by musicians including Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, and Duke Ellington. After taking this course, teachers will be able to teach students about the roots and major types of jazz, famous jazz musicians and their works, and how jazz intersected with key events in African-American and American history and culture.