2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Continuing Enrollment Course

All graduate students who are not otherwise enrolled in the spring or fall semesters of any academic year will be required to enroll in either EDUC 585 or BUSN 585 Continuation Class. Concurrent enrollment with any other course is NOT allowed.

Students who do not enroll in either EDUC 585 or BUSN 585 during any term in which they do not take other classes must make application to be considered for readmission to the College before they will be able to enroll in additional coursework. Any application fees will apply. The Greenville College Teacher Education degree programs continually evolve in response to changing state requirements. Students reapplying to the Teacher Education program will be required to meet all revised program requirements to complete the Master’s Degree.

To reapply after withdrawing from the program, the student must complete a new application and provide two letters of recommendation from Greenville College faculty. In addition, a letter indicating a plan to successfully complete the graduate program in a timely fashion is required.

Students registering for the Continuation Class must have all Greenville College accounts in good standing, and will be required to pay a fee of $75.00. No additional tuition will be charged. EDUC 585 and BUSN 585 are non-credit courses. Summer enrollment is not required for master of arts students.

Students whose program of study is only offered in the summer will not be required to enroll during the spring and fall terms. MA-Special Educations students who fail to enroll in EDU 585 for the summer term in which they are not enrolled in other courses must re-apply for admission into the MA-Special Education program and will be required to meet all current program requirements for re-admission.

The privilege and requirement to enroll in the Continuation Class ends when a student passes the seven years to complete the Master’s Degree program into which they have been accepted.