2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

PHYS 401 Senior Physics

PHY 400, 401 Senior Physics Four Credits Each This is an independent study of theoretical physics at an advanced undergraduate level. Students will meet with the professor for guidance and discussion at regularly appointed times. This course is designed to allow students to choose the area of advanced study most relevant to their educational goals. Any student planning to apply to a graduate program in physics is strongly advised to take two Senior Physics courses, one of which should focus on the study of advanced quantum mechanics. The second course should be an area of interest to the student. Standard topic for students continuing to graduate school include advanced optic, nuclear physics, particle physics and solid state (condensed matter) physics. Students interested in engineering graduate school might consider further study in the area of Advanced Mechanics. Students may choose an area of interest other than those listed above, provided it is approved by their advisor and the course instructor.Prerequisite: Core curriculum through PHY 322. (Offered fall and spring semesters respectively.)