2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Fees and Miscellaneous Costs

Independent Study Fee

Students scheduling an independent study will pay $130 per credit in addition to regular tuition during the fall and spring semesters.

Student Activity Fee (mandatory for all students)

Students pay $232 for the year or $116 per semester for Student Association (student government) activities and publications.

Parking Permit (mandatory for all those who bring cars to campus)

The parking permit is $125 and is valid for one year.

Applied Music Fee (mandatory for those enrolled in applied music courses)

Music students will pay $175 per credit hour for group applied lessons and $375 per credit hour for private applied lessons. These fees are in addition to regular tuition for those courses.

Athletic Insurance

Greenville College athletes are required to carry athletic insurance in addition to regular medical coverage. Athletic insurance provides athletes with secondary insurance coverage. The estimated cost is $300.

Personal Liability (PL) Insurance Fee

Students completing a practicum or internship in which they work with other people will be charged a $25 fee for personal liability insurance. The $25 fee covers the student premium for a full year. Departments that potentially could offer a 395P or 405P Practicum/Internship include BIOL, CRJS, PHED, PSYC, SCWK SOCI, and THEO.

Graduation Fee (mandatory for all students graduating in an academic year)

Students graduating in the current academic year, regardless if they participate in commencement ceremonies or not, year will be charged $125.

Course Audit

Full time students may audit courses at no additional charge if the total of regularly enrolled and audited semester credit hours does not exceed 17. If the total of credit hours exceeds 17, students will be charged $50 for each audited credit beyond 17. Part time students may audit courses for $60 per credit.

Credit Posting Fee

Full time students who receive passing scores on CLEP tests or demonstrate proficiency in other ways may post the credits to their transcript at no additional cost if the number of currently enrolled and posted credits does not exceed 17 credit hours. Full time students will be charged $35 per credit for each posted credit that exceeds 17 (based on the total hours enrolled and posted credits at the time the exam was taken). Part time students will also be charged $35 per posted credit.


Beginning fall 2016, students have the option to rent their books.  The rental fee is added to their bill automatically.  Students not wanting to rent books are responsible to find and purchase their own textbooks.

Lost Key Charge

Any student who loses a dorm, room, and/or building key will be charged $25 per key. Lost mailbox keys will be replaced for $25.

Course Add Fee

Once students select their courses, they should be permanent for the semester. However, instances do arise where students must make modifications to their semester schedule. Students have five business days at the beginning of each semester to add courses without a fee. Students who add a course to their semester schedule day six or beyond will be charged a $25 course add fee for every course added.

Summary of Costs 2016-2017

Full Time Tuition
Academic Year1 Band Rate (12-17 hours each semester) $25,488
Above 17 hours (per credit hour) $712
Full Time Audit (per credit hour over 17 hours) $50
Part time Tuition (Charged to those taking fewer than 12 hours in a semester)
0.5-6.0 Credit Hours (per credit hour) $539
6.5-11.5 Credit Hours (per credit hour) $1,062
Part time Audit (per credit hour) $60
Interterm Tuition (per credit hour) $212
Summer Term (per credit hour) $365
Full Year Room Charges1
Traditional $4,152
Nancy Blankenship Apartments $5,460
Summer Term Room $313
Board Charges1
Full Year $4,428
Fees and Miscellaneous Costs
Independent Study Fee (per credit) for fall and spring semesters $130
Student Activity1 (mandatory) $232
Parking Permit $125
Applied Music Fees3
Group $175
Private $375
Athletic Insurance (estimate) $300
Personal Liability Insurance for 395/405P Practicums/Internships $25
Graduation Fee $125
Credit posting fee (per credit hour) for demonstrated proficiencies $35
Lost Key Charge (building, dorm, room, and/or mailbox)
Late add fee $25
Other Fees
Off campus study fee4 $500
Driver Education Program Tuition (per credit hour) $490
Background check (for those taking EDUC 101 or EDUC 202) $59
Program fees for UTEP and Degree Completion Programs can be found in the Academic Information section.

1 Costs for a single semester can be computed by dividing the full year costs in half.

2 Students who were enrolled at GC full time in the fall, who lived in campus housing, and who were on the campus meal plan will not be charged room and board for Interterm. Other students will. Please see the sections on Interterm Tuition, Room, and Board.

3 See MUAP course listings to see which classes are group and which ones are private.

4 This fee is waived for certain programs sponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.