Sociology, Bachelor of Arts

Sociology is the study of society, human groups, and social behavior. Coursework in sociology is designed to help students develop curiosity, insight, and an understanding of human social behavior and patterns of interactions. Like all social sciences, sociology uses methods of scientific observation and reasoning. It is perhaps the best academic discipline for studying the rapid and pervasive social changes which are re-shaping our modern world.

Sociology is a very broad field and includes the study of culture; social organization; marriage and family; criminal justice; group dynamics; religion; education; urban, rural, and international issues; minority relations; and leadership studies. The department also offers specific coursework in anthropology, and provides a general basis for specialized studies in related departments such as psychology, economics, modern languages, religion, education, government, and history.

Sociology students are encouraged to apply sociological principles through service and internship opportunities. The sociology major serves as an excellent preparation for a wide variety of occupations in business, government, pastoral ministry, missions, human service fields, and for graduate study in sociology and many other disciplines.

It is expected that sociology majors will be involved in research and service activities, including service to the department, to the local community, and to campus organizations.

The sociology major requires completion of 30 credits. Students completing the sociology major are eligible for the bachelor of arts degree.

Sociology Major Requirements

Core Courses

SOCI 101Principles Of Sociology


SOCI 112Intro To Anthropology


SOCI 202/PSYC 202/SCWK 202Statistics


SOCI 210/SCWK 210Research Methods


SOCI 380Social Theory


SOCI 405Internship


Upper division electives in CRJS, SOCI, and/or SCWK


An additional cross cultural course or approved experience


Type of Credit Required Credits
General Education (For B.A.)* 49
Major 30
Elective 47
Total Credits to Earn Degree 126
*Based on students arriving as first time freshmen. Some general education requirements are met through required major courses. This reduces the number of required general education credits.