2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

School of Business

Briner School of Business

Suzanne Davis—Dean

Assistant Professors—Ronald Cook, Suzanne Davis, Danara Moore

Instructors—Jane Bell, Mark Jenner

The Briner School of Business dedicates itself to producing graduates who can make the maximum impact on the business world and simultaneously make the maximum impact for Christ. We believe that God calls and anoints individuals for business and this is a central theme of The Briner School of Business .

While The Briner School of Business offers similar business and management courses to those found in most business schools, its distinctive Christian nature means that it offers more.

  • Our courses recognize that God is a creative God and encourages students to share in God’s creativity in the business world.
  • We share ‘the evangelical missionary impulse’ of the Free Methodist Church. We recognize that 80% of the people in the world who have yet to hear of Christ are in the economically poorest areas of the world. We are therefore committed to help students see the evangelistic potential of business as mission.
  • We teach in such a way to help students develop both practical management skills as well as analytical skills necessary for strategic decision making.
  • We recognize that business is a calling and help students to know what God has called them to be and do.

The Briner School of Business offers five majors. The majors have a central core of theory and skills, combined with specialty courses to qualify the graduate in the particular field he/she chooses. Within the framework of the liberal arts education at Greenville, all of these provide an integration of liberal arts with business, and of theory with practice.