2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Psychology, Bachelor of Arts

The psychology major requires completion of 30 credits beyond General Psychology or Psychology for Living. Psychology electives for the major are selected by the student and his/her advisor, and must meet or exceed an 17 hour minimum. The selection of courses should be focused around the vocational orientation of the student, and will often include one or two practicum sequences in facilities similar to those in which the student hopes to serve in the future. This major leads to a bachelor of arts degree.

Psychology Major Requirements

Core Courses

PSYC 202/SCWK 202/SOCI 202Statistics


PSYC 210Experimental Psychology


PSYC 230Writing for the Social Sciences


PSYC 350Psychological Systems


PSYC 485Psychology Seminar


Electives which may include an area of focus listed below


PSYC 101 General Psychology does not count towards the major

Optional areas of focus within the psychology major: Because the major allows for17 hours of electives, students have ample room to pursue specific vocational interests. Each focus listed below provides an example of an area a student may wish to study in depth. Students working with advisors may be able to identify additional areas of focus as well. This focused study is not required to complete the psychology major, but is encouraged.

Optional Areas of Focus

Adult Clinical Psychology

Child/Adolescent Clinical

Marriage and Family Therapy

Organizational Psychology

School Psychology

The Teaching of Psychology

Type of Credit Required Credits
General Education (For B.A.)* 55
Major 30
Elective 41
Total Credits to Earn Degree 126
*Based on students arriving as first time freshmen. Some general education requirements are met through required major courses. This reduces the number of required general education credits.