2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog


Professor—Daryl Cox (Department Chair)

Associate Professor—Eugene A. Dunkley

Assistant Professors—Bwarenaba Kautu, Andrea Nord, Eric Nord

The Department of Biology is committed to excellence. Our mission is two-fold: First is to prepare biological scientists who demonstrate open-minded inquiry, integrity, service, and stewardship of God's creation, and the second is to help the liberal arts student to better understand and appreciate their role in God's created order. We see this commitment as an affirmation of the mission of Greenville College.

A broad introduction to the concepts and principles of the important areas of modern biology is fundamental. South Central Illinois provides nature's huge laboratory for the Greenville College Biology Department. Prairie, woodland, wetland areas, and aquatic areas such as Governor Bond Lake and Carlyle Reservoir are within easy reach for field studies. The Ayers Field Station, located less than five miles north of the College, provides students with opportunities to gain hands-on field experience. In addition, the AuSable Institute for Environmental Studies offers summer or Interterm courses dealing with stewardship of created resources.

Graduates of the Department of Biology have gained excellent preparation for medical and other professional schools in the health sciences as well as admission to graduate programs in a variety of biological fields. Others are prepared for bachelor level positions in research laboratories, conservation, and high school teaching.

Biology majors are encouraged to do independent work through course honors, biological problems, departmental honors, or the biology practicum.