2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Individually Tailored Education Plan (ITEP)

The individually tailored education plan (ITEP) offers students an opportunity to design a uniquely personalized college program. It is particularly useful to students who want to take advantage of the interdisciplinary strengths of Greenville's liberal arts curriculum. Students may elect to complete either a bachelor of arts of bachelor of science degree. Requirements include the following:

  1. 126 credits. At least 48 credits must be at the upper division level.
  2. A concentrated major of 48 credits. Thirty-two (32) of the 48 credits must be in one department from which the advisor must be chosen. The 32 courses in one department may be a combination of lower and upper division courses.
  3. All course selections must be made with the consultation and approval of the faculty advisor from the department of concentration, and be approved by the Dean of the appropriate school. The plan must be submitted and approved a full three semesters before the student’s intended graduation date.
  4. The program of courses is expected to reflect emphases of breadth and depth of study, and is to be developed in relation to the student's needs and interests as measured against the goals of the College.