2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements for Financial Aid Recipients

Federal and state regulations require a financial aid recipient to make satisfactory academic progress toward completing his/her degree. Satisfactory Academic Progress includes the following:

  1. Maintaining a minimum grade-point average;
  2. Completing a minimum number of credits; and
  3. Completing a degree within a reasonable period of time

For continued financial aid eligibility, overall progress is reviewed at the end of each spring semester for students enrolled in the traditional and UTEP semester programs at Greenville College. For students enrolled in a degree completion program, the overall review takes place at the end of each term.

Incompletes, withdrawals, failed classes, credits by examination, and audits to not count as completed credits. Earned credits received for pass/fail courses do count toward the minimum credit requirements but are not included in the cumulative grade-point average.

Maximum Time Frame

Students are eligible to receive financial aid until they have attempted a maximum of 150 percent of the minimum number of credits required for the degree. (Example: 189 credits for a program requiring 126 credits for graduation.)

Transfer students will be evaluated based on the transfer credits accepted toward the degree and credits attempted at Greenville College. Attempted credits include any repeated courses. Students with double majors and students who change majors are still held to this timeframe requirement.

Reinstatement of Financial Aid Eligibility

Students who are no longer eligible to receive financial aid because of lack of satisfactory progress may submit a Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Appeal Form to the Financial Aid Director within 30 days of receiving a dismissal letter. Appeals will be reviewed for circumstances beyond the student’s control that prevented the student from maintaining satisfactory progress, and should include documentation from a doctor, relative, or academic advisor that supports the student’s appeal. If the appeal is denied, the student’s aid will be suspended.

Please note that successful appeal to reinstate a student to the College by the Appeals Committee of the Interschool Academic Affairs Committee does not mean that a student will be automatically eligible for financial aid. An academic appeal decision is separate and distinct from those of the financial aid office.

A student can raise his or her GPA and/or satisfy credits deficiencies by taking additional coursework at Greenville College without receiving financial aid. For example, a student may finish at least 67% of the total attempted credits from the previous academic year and the semester without aid or may get the cumulative GPA up to the required level. A student can eliminate credit deficiencies, but not GPA deficiencies, by successfully completing coursework at another institution and transferring the credits to Greenville College. Transfer credits used to satisfy credit deficiencies cannot be credits that were earned prior to the term in which the student incurred the deficiencies.

Reinstatement of financial aid awards are based on available funds.

For more information, contact the Greenville College Financial Aid Office at 618-664-7108 or by email to financialaid@greenville.edu.