2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Admission for Previously Enrolled Students

Students who have previously enrolled at Greenville College but withdrew or were dismissed must follow the readmission process if they wish to return. Students must submit a personal statement outlining the reasons they would like to return and contact the Admissions Office. After the student submits the personal statement, the following conditions must be met before a student can be re-admitted:

  • The student must have a zero balance on their student account at Greenville College and be current with any student loans that are in repayment.
  • The student must submit official transcripts for any college work completed since withdrawing from Greenville College.
  • The student must be approved for re-admission by Community Life, the Records Office, and the Admissions Office.

The Admissions committee reserves the right to request additional materials from students applying for re-admission and may also request an interview before granting re-admission.

Students applying for readmission need to be aware that if their education was interrupted by a period of more than four years, they must comply with the provisions and requirements in place upon their return.